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The Star Chasers organization is looking for families willing to host our players for the upcoming 2023 season. The season runs from the first week in June to early August.


Host families are an integral part of the summer collegiate baseball experience, both for the families and the Star Chaser players. The opportunity for families, especially those with family members playing baseball and softball is priceless. The impact on the development of their baseball skills and an increased love of the game is immeasurable.. The bonds developed can extend beyond the summer and last a lifetime.


We ask that each host family provide a bed, daily meals, access to a washer/dryer and a bathroom. The players will be on the road for approximately half of their games and the team will take care of all of their room and board for road trips. Families are not expected to provide transportation. Players should be included in family meals when possible, and aren't  expected to receive special treatment..




Players can be requested based on position, a pitcher if your son/daughter is a pitcher, and a position player if that suits better. If a family wants more than one player, that works well, too. Once you are paired up with a player(s), we will share your contact information, so you can begin speaking before the summer season starts.


The Star Chasers are a non-profit organization and  will provide a letter to you stating the dates that the players were housed with you. You can take that letter to your tax advisor to determine tax advantages for hosting.


If you are interested in joining the Star Chaser Family or would like more information on this opportunity, you can contact us at (480) 242-5782 or or

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